100 */* Natural Handmade Deodorant Sensitive skin/Organic Deodorant/Lavender/Sandalwood/Peppermint/Aluminum Free for Men and Women – Handmade in Maryland by None Of Your B’s Wax Skin & Hair care

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BODY ODOR!!!! 👃 Not something too many people relish and many have began to turn to natural products to ditch the harmful chemicals that the traditional deodorants have in them. Most commercial deodorants and antiperspirants contain ⛔ parabens, ⛔aluminum, ⛔ sillica, ⛔ triclosan, and other yucky things. Many have been linked to cancer, skin irritation and other problems according to studies. So if you are on my page and reading this, chances are you want to live as natural as possible. With that being said, going natural doesn’t mean smelling “natural”. Every ingredient in this deodorant stick is safe enough to eat, but we much rather have you put it under your pits then in your mouth☺ Our deodorants are __ ✔effective, __🔅 refreshing and yet 💪strong enough to stop odor and bacteria which is the cause of odor. An aluminum free deodorant for men and women made with natural pure essential oils. The goal of natural deodorants is not to block the skins ability to expel toxins through sweat, but to absorb the moisture and control the odor causing bacteria. The sweating will eventually become less and less and the smell will become a past tense. With love and patience my deodorants are handcrafted in small batched to insure quality. All of my products are blessed with love and good intentions before finding their final home. One can say that my motto is, “if it’s not made with love, it doesnt count”!! 🙂 {👁🗣} Please not: There is baking soda in this product so if irritation occurs you might be sensitive to baking soda. I do offer baking soda free deodorant on my website ____❤____ www.noneofyourbswax.com ____❤____ *Do not apply on broken skin, or freshly shaved underarms.